The tallest grass in the World

Bamboo belongs to the same family of oat, barley and wheat, but it is…higher! A particular kind of Asian bamboo, native to Central China, the Phyllostachys, can reach 30 metres of height and it grows like weeds. Due to its dimensions, it is used to create furniture or realise paving similar to parquet.

Average Length of Giant Bamboo Grass: 25- 30 m

The Average Size (width): 20 -30 cm Culms (Hollow center)

Average node Distance in Giant Bamboo: 35-40 cm

The average size of Seedlings to plant: 40 -60 cm

The average age of Seedling best for planting: 1-Year-old

Average space for clustering giant bamboo: minimum 5 *5 m area, 9*9 m area is best for timber production.

Best Soil for Giant bamboo: – Well-drained loamy Soils. But can grow near rivers or even in your garden.

Best altitude & Climatic Condition for Giant Bamboo: – Best growth in plains in tropical & Sub-tropical areas. These bamboo are fit to grow in areas with height up to 1200 m above sea level.

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